About us

We're on a mission to globally educate and empower both children and parents, helping to transform anxious mindsets into confident and resilient ones.

Why Mind Station?

Mind Station, propelled by an unwavering passion to unlock the inherent potential within individuals, finds its roots in the personal journey of its Founder, Chloe.


Having grappled with anxiety since a young age and encountering challenges in school and university, her experiences evolved into panic disorders and an undiscovered diagnosis of inattentive female ADHD in adulthood. The year 2020 marked a pivotal moment for Chloe, sparking the creation of Mind Station to aid children experiencing anxiety and low self-esteem. Responding to the challenges faced during childhood and early adulthood, Chloe established Mind Station as an online mindset coaching platform and a supportive, lifelong community, offering proactive solutions.


The mission is clear: to empower both children and parents, transcending limiting mindsets and fostering a profound connection with oneself. Chloe is wholeheartedly dedicated to fostering a transformative shift in anxious mindsets and nurturing innate courage within both children and parents.

Our history

Mind Station, propelled by an unwavering passion to unlock the inherent potential within individuals, finds its roots in the personal journey of its Founder, Chloe.

May 2020
Chloe, Founder, conceives the name "Mind Station."
June 2020
Chloe, a current primary teacher, embarks on a year-long coaching diploma.
January 2021
The brand identity of Mind Station emerges, unveiling our beloved cartoon brain characters.
June 2021
Mind Station's Pilot Coaching Programmes successfully undergo trials in schools in Switzerland.
September 2021
Our first coaching clients enroll in the UK.
October 2021 - October 2022
Mind Station builds brand awareness, delivering coaching programmes for families in the UK & Switzerland.
January 2023
Mind Station forges exciting new partnerships.
March 2023
Mind Station launches its first podcast.
April 2023
Mind Station expands globally, extending its reach to families overseas.
August 2023
Mind Station introduces its 1:1 parent coaching programme.
September 2023
Mind Station expands the team bringing on a new social media manager
December 2023
Mind Station positively impacts over 80 families across the UK, USA, Dubai, Portugal, Switzerland, and South Africa.
January 2024
Mind Station readies an online educational platform for self-paced courses and welcomes additional affiliate coaches for the year 2024

Meet our team

A passionate group of expert coaches & teachers here to support your families challenges online worldwide.


Meet Chloe Kock, the driving force behind Mind Station Coaching. With extensive experience as a Children & Adult Mindset Coach, Neuro Transformation Therapist,


Giorgio, a qualified adult and children's mindset coach, serves as a beacon of hope and guidance at Mind Station, bringing empathy and wisdom to his role as a coach supporting young adolescents and parents alike.


Meet Saskia Lee, a dynamic coach and psychometrist specializing in brain profiling and personal development.


Meet Annie, a dedicated former secondary teacher turned holistic coach with a passion for guiding teenagers toward discovering their true potential and transforming their mindsets.


Kash kicked off her journey with kids when she was just 14, setting up a 'mini Master Chef' club at the local community center for little ones in reception

Our values

What drives us everyday


Our coaches are driven by a relentless passion to assist your children in achieving their goals. This focused determination not only fuels our own motivation but also inspires your children to strive for their best, fostering success and innovation within our organisation.


We believe in working hand-in-hand with families to create an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are valued. By leveraging the strengths of each individual and promoting open communication, we foster a culture of support and personal growth for your child.


We take full responsibility for the quality of our work, ensuring consistently high standards in everything we do. By embracing challenges and learning from mistakes, we set a positive example for your children and build trust within our community.


Our coaches excel in communication, actively listening to your concerns and providing comprehensive feedback. We ensure that complex concepts are conveyed in a way that is easily understandable for children, keeping everyone well-informed and aligned towards shared goals.


Our ultimate goal is to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of your children. With a visionary mindset, we identify opportunities for positive change, driving transformative projects that leave a legacy benefiting both your children and our entire community.

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