Giorgio, a qualified adult and children’s mindset coach, serves as a beacon of hope and guidance at Mind Station, bringing empathy and wisdom to his role as a coach supporting young adolescents and parents alike. Raised in a modest neighborhood, Giorgio’s journey into coaching was born from a desire to make a difference after witnessing firsthand the struggles faced by adolescents navigating life’s complexities. Immersing himself in the study of psychology and human behaviour, Giorgio found his calling at Mind Station Coaching.

Each day at Mind Station presents new challenges and triumphs for Giorgio. He listens attentively to individuals, offering words of encouragement, humour and empowerment through tailored one-on-one sessions. Recognizing the uniqueness of each person’s journey, Giorgio personalizes his approach to equip children and parents with the tools needed to overcome fears and insecurities.

Giorgio’s impact extends beyond coaching sessions as he actively raises awareness about mental health issues and works to destigmatize seeking help, through his highly compassionate and caring coaching style.

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